graduate teacher and culture manager, has worked as a freelance planer of cultural events since 1994. After eight years of managing a large cultural center in Hamburg, she focused on freelance work in the cultural and social sector. The emphasis of her work is planning multi-discipline dance and theater festivals, individual theater productions and the realisation of symposiums and conferences on the topic of culture and inclusion, or inter-culture. The initiation and realiziation of structural measures is a further scope of activity. In addition to numerous self-initiated artistic projects, Jutta Schubert has also developed contract work for cultural councils, foundations and other institutions.

She is very interested in addressing audiences that are not involved in culture, as well as in the direct participation of various protagonists, artists and amateurs in artistic projects. In 2016, she founded the World Documentary Theatre (WDT) association to realize artistic projects together with artists from different countries.


"Culture can achieve a lot - I want to be involved in it. Reaching people who initially have very little contact with culture is especially important for me. I want to support them and get them involved in artistic productions. The collaboration with the choreographer Royston Maldoom in the community dance sector in Hamburg was an important trigger event - over 200 participants of all ages took part in the project.

As a member of EUCREA, supporting artists with disabilities has been part of my work for many years. Together with Angela Müller-Giannetti we have developed and realized numerous projects for the association. Within that context, I try to find new, innovative formats in the art sectors for this field of work. THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY event

in 2016 in cooperation with the MOBILE ACADEMY Berlin, the blackmarket  for useful knowlegde and non-knowledge, was a means of artistically addressing the topic of  'disability' from an entirely different perspective.


In addition to a great deal of experience with artistic projects in Germany, Indian culture in particular has left a lasting impression on me. On numerous trips there I have met artists and intend to work together with them in future. I am especially interested in the interaction of different cultures and traditions, equal artistic cooperation and the sustainability of these connections."






  • Art
  • Culture
  • Participation
  • Inclusion
  • Interculture
  • Children and Youth Culture



  • Development of ideas, concept and planning of art and cultural projects



  • German
  • English