Angela Müller-Giannetti has worked as a cultural planner, product and communication designer, and public relations expert since 1997.  She develops and plans individual events, for instance symposiums, festivals or presentations as well as cultural projects

that pursue goals involving long-term structural change. She uses her knowledge to

offer advice, instructs and moderates topic-related events.



The emphasis of her work lies in the intersection of art and social topics. Whether in self-initiated projects or service contracts, Ms. Müller-Gianetti has worked since 1997 together with a large number of different facilities and organisations ranging from public authorities and cultural centres, to private foundations and companies. Her portfolio includes the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal Government and the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft as well as the Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

"As a student, I tried to find an area of work in which I could combine my interest in art,

culture and design with my organisational and analytical skills. Influenced by numerous stays abroad,I have always been fascinated by different ways of life and cultures. My career began

in the museum educational sector at the Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg. After working

in various other museums, I became the managing director of a cultural centre in Hamburg while at the same time studying communication design.
After freelancing as a design and communication expert, I teamed up with Jutta Schubert to work in parallel as a cultural planner.
Three themes define my life: my interest in art, design and crafts coupled with the desire to help secure equal opportunities in our society."






  • Art
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Applied Arts
  • Social Design
  • Participation
  • Inclusion
  • Interculture
  • Children and Youth Culture



  • Development of ideas, concept and planning of art and cultural projects
  • Communication design
  • Public relations, marketing
  • Moderation of debates, presentations and workshops
  • Advice regarding product design and sales Instruction